Lexus VR App

VR App for customizing the interior of a Lexus model LX570



Client: Tour Vista
Platform: Google Cardboard
content: Panoramic 360 Images
Tools: Unity3D

Project Description


The project proposal was to develop a VR App to visualize the different interior color combinations of the new Lexus LX570.

We worked with 30+ high resolution 360 panoramic images. Each showing a different interior design.

We develop a Google Cardboard App that allowed the User to view these 360 pano images in VR. We created a floating UI menu that allowed the user to browse with an auto-selecting gaze cursor the different interior combinations.



  • View pano-360 images in VR
  • Auto selecting Gaze Cursor
  • Animated VR Menu
  • Head tracking menu, always appearing at the bottom of the user gaze
  • Smooth transitions between each images