TreeView Studio Profile

'We believe in the power of Experience'

TreeView Studios is a Software Development and Content Creation Studio specialized in Virtual Reality solutions. Located in Montevideo Uruguay, our Studio strives to become leaders in the Virtual Reality Revolution.

We are a young team of developers and artists full of energy, creativity and ideas. Thinking outside the box is our natural state of mind. We passionately defy the status-quo.

Coming from backgrounds in Programming, Video Games, the Arts and Philosophy we have found the intersection of our passion in Virtual Realty. We love to call ourselves “Architects of Reality”.

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Our expertise covers a wide range of VR related solutions

VR/AR Mobile Apps

We have experience developing Virtual Reality Apps for both Android and iOS. We work with Gear VR as well as Google Cardboard and other universal VR goggles.

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VR/AR Gaming

We love gaming as much as we love virtual reality. We develop using Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 3D to bring the most immersive experiences to the players. We develop for both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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Microsoft Hololens

We believe Mixed Reality will be the next Smart Phone. Although Mixed Reality is just getting started, we are aiming to be experts in this technology before it reaches mass market.

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Full Stack Development

Interested in creating a fully integrated VR solution. We can develop the whole project from the back-end server to the front-end VR application.

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360 video post production

In post production we work with VFXs, Stitching, Editing, stereophonic audio and deployment to mobile Apps.

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content creation

VR has the power to take people to placing they have never been before. We work with 360 panoramic images and 360 video to create immersive and interactive VR experiences.

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Here is a showcase of some of the projects we have worked on recently.